Who is the Hungry Bikepacker?

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Hi! I’m Lukas – bikepacker, outdoor enthusiast, and honey-addict. A few years ago, launching a blog would have been unfathomable to me. Since elementary school, I have done my utmost to avoid anything to do with computers. I genuinely loathe screens. I’ve wondered where this aversion comes from, and I have a likely candidate: Third grade computer classes – a programm called “Type to Learn”. A mind-numbing affair that looked somewhat like this:

Sitting in a dimly lit computer room, you observe 30 students stubbornly typing gibberish letter combinations over and over again. Some have smiles on their faces – they are having fun, they’re good at typing. The others seem to have resigned themselves to their fates. Somewhere near the back right corner of the room, however, you spot a kid yearningly looking out the window – not making the least effort to even touch his computer. It’s a blazing summer day outside, and the young third-grader can hear kids outside shouting with joy, playing hide and seek or tag.

That little third-grader is me. And I remember how I seethed at being stuck in that hot, dark computer room – listening to the unbearable Type to Learn program nagging me to hurry up with my typing. I felt imprisoned – and ever since, I associate working in front of screens with a sense of displeasure, of being constrained. Immobile.

The beauty of travelling, especially when the form of travelling is as simple as bikepacking, is that you literally have no shackles beyond finding food to eat and a place to sleep. Bikepacking is the polar opposite of that stuffy third-grade computer room, of the way some people live their entire lives. This blog documents my own bikepacking explorations, following the motto:

“Life is like riding a bycicle: To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Lukas, the hungry bikepacker.


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