About Me

Bikepacker, honey-addict, and peddling to Portugal – Yep, that’s me! I’m trading my student room for a tent, and my desk has been replaced by my bike.

My motto is that life is like riding a bicycle…

To keep your balance you must keep moving.

These wise words are attributed to Albert Einstein, as are probably a quarter of the quotes you find on the internet. Yet no matter who really uttered this bonmot first, it has become one of my guiding principles.

To keep moving means to remain agile – in mind and body. It means learning something new every day, however small or insignificant. Moving also means venturing out of your comfort zone, breaking routines and habits (which have their purpose, too, I’ll be the first to admit).

Unfortunately, a rather large share of people spend a rather large share of their time sitting – in a chair, not on a bike! A thought that terrefies me, if I’m honest.

Perhaps this lack of movement is one of the reasons for the discontent all around. It is in clear opposition to everything we know about human needs.

It is evident that physical activity is a central pillar of human health. All children play, run around bursting with energy, and are innately curious about the world around them. What went wrong that so many adults seem to have lost this joy and wonder of exploring?

People lose their balance, emotionally and physically, when they stop moving and exploring!

Luckily, there is a remedy for this endemic illness. Whenever you can, hit the road and have an adventure!

Spice up that daily, weekly, monthly or yearly routine. After all, the university of life is just outside your front door!